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Arttiee Smart Tracking

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Arttiee Smart Tracking

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Arttiee Smart Tracking allows parents and students to easily track the school bus right from their smartphone.


Arttiee Smart Tracking prevents students from unnecessarily wait outside, by providing them with the ability to track their school bus in real-time.

Bus managers can take attendance and account for all students with a click of a button, instantly notifying parents when their child arrives to and from school.

Parents have the ability to track their child’s bus, while also being able to manage all their children within one account.

How it works


Track your school bus location in real-time to never have to wait outside in inclement weather again.


Manage your child’s location and be notified when your child has gotten on the bus and arrived to school safely.

BUS manager

Never rely on fleet tracking again. Everything can simply be done through the touch of a button, with a mobile device.



Hyper accurate location used to track the school bus; to ensure the safety of each and every child on board at all times.


Get Instant notification alerts when your child has reached the school safely, giving parents peace of mind knowing that their child is safe.

Wait less

By allowing both parents and students to view the exact location of the bus, it allows children to spend less time in harsh weather conditions.