How does it work?

Arttiee Smart Tracking uses real-time tracking to give you a live view of the school bus location, allowing you to see if it will be a little late or early.

How am I able to track the bus?

The GPS tracking capability is done by the implementation of a cellular tablets placed on school busses. This gives the bus driver the ability to allow you and your child, to track that specific tablet assigned to your child’s bus.

How do I prevent strangers from tracking their bus?

“Can I track multiple children”

Yes! You can add up to as many children as you would like, which can be managed all within one parent account.

Can anybody track the school busses?

We value safety, which is why take all safety measures in account. Inside of our application, the student must accept the parent’s request to track them and the bus. This allows for only the child’s parents to have access to their child’s bus and child’s location, when they are returning home, instead of random strangers!

Why Arttiee Smart Tracking?

1. Parents have the ability of creating stress free mornings for both them and their children.

2. increased attendance due to less students missing the bus.

3. Closes the gap of uncertainty for the bus arrival time. By downloading one simple and easy to use app.